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Another perspective on the China food safety scandal


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The China milk scandal gets considerable attention here in Singapore as one might expect. Further coverage in today’s Straits Times.

So far the coverage Adam has seen makes more of the failures of the Chinese authorities and the San Lu management; plus the actions of the middle men involved than of Fonterra.

Today’s coverage notes the widening nature of the concerns, quoting South Korean authorities over a report of melamine being found in squid products in China and South Korea.

Unfortunately does not appear to be on line as yet

Whilst the affair is very important for Fonterra is the NZ coverage and the imprecations heaped upon Fonterra management fully justified?

Are the media in NZ too focused on the Fonterra angle?

Should they be assessing whether the San Lu situation which has broadened to include other forms of contaminated dairy product from other major dairy companies, plus other food lines is in fact evidence of a systemic issue in China and not a parochial NZ issue.

Sitting here in Singapore, one begins to get a different perspective.

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