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Kristin Scott Thomas-A thorny English Rose


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An excellent profile of the actress Kristin Scott Thomas from The Times, it commences:-

Kristin Scott Thomas has arranged to meet me at a restaurant in the East End of London, which seemed peculiar. What was such a well-shod woman doing in such a down-at-heel postcode? Typically, interviewers who are granted an audience with England’s thorniest rose travel to her home city of Paris. They meet her in an upmarket cafe and watch as she eats a steak (bloody), drinks a coffee (black) and then become increasingly agitated as their questions freeze and shatter under the frosty glare from her hooded eyes.

They scuttle back to their desks in London, where women journalists write sniffily of her froideur, while the men mostly perve about her beauty.

The piece finishes:-

She scrapes her hair back into a bun and pulls on her Burberry mac, belting it tightly around her tiny waist. She bestows two cursory air kisses, and a barked instruction not to look at her toenails because her pedicure isn’t up to scratch, and hurries halfway across the restaurant at a speed that borders on the offensive. But then – as if she has suddenly thought better of it – she turns and gives me a goofy little wave goodbye. It doesn’t sound like much, but for Kristin Scott Thomas, this is progress. A small sign that, nearing 50, she is finally happy to let herself go a bit.

An interesting profile of one of my favourite actresses. Adam can see her as Audrey Hepburn’s ‘successor’ another of his favourite actresses.

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