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Stench over Wellington gets worse


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Adam could scarcely credit this lead to a story at Stuff:-

Even if MPs believed Winston Peters lied about his donation from Owen Glenn there are still no grounds for him to be censured or sacked as a minister, Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen said today.

So lying by a minister about donations is now to be considered ethical behaviour in Helengrad. Lying consistently and repeatedly, making up new versions of events – all that is now the norm of ethics and morality in Helengrad.

What is worse is that Cullen in one of his several roles is the Attorney-General. Such a comment is an outrage from one in his position.

Cullen went on:-

Dr Cullen said the evidence had to be greater than MPs believing it to be true, because Mr Henry and Mr Peters denied it.

Pardon! So if Winston denies anything, even though the evidence does not support Winston, then WInston is telling the truth because he says he is telling the truth.

What a crock! Adam can just see someone saying to a jury, the facts suggest I did it, but because I say I did not you must let me go. Yeah Right!

Adam supposes we must be grateful that Cullen did not agree with Winston likening the Committee and by implication to Zimbabwe. Cullen said also he thought Simon Power had been a fair chairman.

It pains Adam to say it but New Zealand is becoming more and more like Zimbabwe, because of the behaviour of the likes of Clark and Cullen in protecting the toxic Peters.

Therefore, Adam is forced to conclude that Dr Cullen has taken up residence on Planet Winston as well.

More to the point is Dr Cullen fit to be Attorney- General given a statement such as the one above and his recent statements about the SFO.

More and more one gets the feeling that this government seeks to politicise every decision and to influence outcomes which it has no business seeking to influence.

There is a truly rotten stench emanating from the Beehive.

No longer is this about Peters, it is about the lack of ethics and morals displayed by Clark, Cullen et al as they try desperately to cling to power.

Never has Lord Acton’s famous dictum been more clearly exemplified.

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