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Reflections on cartoonists


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Adam usually enjoys Moreu’s cartoons, but this one is an exception.

Moreu - Stuff - 26 September 2008

Moreu - Stuff - 26 September 2008

Food adulteration is an issue, at present, in China, but those worst affected tend to be the Chinese.

In addition, China is not the only country where instances of adulterated food occur. Note past instances with for example, from memory Austrian wine. There have been cases of unfit meat being sold in Europe.

Adam’s take is that this ‘cartoon’ is at best a rather nasty comment named at China, but at worst could be seen as racist and xenophobic.

It joins other cartoons by NZ cartoonists which can be seen in this light. For example one by Tom Scott which Adam posted about earlier this year.

Adam reproduces some comments he made then, which are applicable here:-

Adam considers that the cartoon’s sentiments are inappropriate


He is dis-appointed to see the apparent prejudice displayed in this cartoon. However, he fully accepts that Mr Scott (substitute Moreu) is free to say whatever he wishes in his cartoons.

Adam enjoys cartoons, but would prefer that the sentiments did not pander to some of the more mis-informed elements in our society.

Adam is not an apologist for China, but maligning a whole country because of the actions of a few is wrong. It is akin to condemning all Americans for the current banking crisis.

Further, before we get too moralistic Fonterra bears some responsibility here as well.

What would happen to our wine industry if our wine was found to be adulterated?

A major concern is our innate readiness to condemn a whole population for the actions of a view. In NZ this seems to be regrettably quick, especially if the target is Asian, Muslim or Arab.

How would we feel if this was a cartoon in China or Europe targeting all NZ for Fonterra’s part in the scandal

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