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No not the airhead, please not the airhead


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Adam read Noelle McCarthy’s article in the Herald. The title was peculiarly apt.

To Adam’s mind she is an airhead with an especially annoying voice, which her writing seems to emulate and reproduce.

Yet some suggest she might take over from Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon when Plunket leaves Moaning Report. God forbid, the thought of that voice for 3 hours a day, UGH!

See John Drinnan’s column in the Herald today.

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  1. jeremy permalink
    27/09/2008 14:57

    Noelle. Yes couldn’t agree more. Please don’t inflict 3 hours on us every day. That said, I have contacted Radio NZ on two occasions to point out how boring Katherine Ryan is. Even in the vineyard and olives where the tasks are repetitive and boring she just takes boredom to new heights. I’m forced to listen to talk back which must show how bad I think KR is. Then to have her on morning report! Good grief. Actually if Geoff goes and takes his ‘pity, pity poroo (or what ever he says) with him would be a blessing. The thought of KR and as well a continuation of the mindless repetition that parts of another language are good for us and like it or not the PC police will get us in the end just leads me to despair. Life is to just too short for crap. Maybe 2009 will be goodbye to the witch of Helengrad, the little turd and the cullen wasp and that would start it as a great year but an end to pity, pity poroo et al would make it unforgettable.

    Hang in there.




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