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Around and about in blogland- 27/09/08


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Keeping Stock looks at Michael Cullen’s comments on being outside his comfort zone. Inventory2 looks also at John Armstrong’s consideration of John Key’s performance and suggests it was ‘A week to learn from‘.

The DimPost comments on the Clark/Key debate issue and wonders why John Key wants to throw himself into an arena, on his own, where a feral Clark can savage him, especially given his recent poor media performance.

Homepaddock has another post on the Fonterra issue, which is worth reading. Is Adam wrong or has there not been a lot of NZ blogosphere comment on this. Perhaps Adam reads all the wrong blogs. HP has a little Saturday smile as well to cheer us up.

Poneke posts on the recent report by Transparency International where NZ along with Denmark and Sweden are named the least corrupt nations in the World, closely followed by Singapore. Though yet again he vents some bile on what he calls the wingnut blogosphere – it is unclear whether all NZ blogs which comment on current affairs are in that category or just some. Adam suspects the spleen is directed at every one. Poneke says that you would not learn about the report from the news media, well Adam read it online at Stuff, as well as in The Straits Times here in Singapore. The post is worth reading – Adam has some sympathy with Poneke’s final comment:-

If we get to the point where the cynicism and constant baseless allegations of corruption and scandal are all that reach the surface of the sewer and become the public discourse, the risk is that New Zealanders will come to believe the fantasy is the reality, and thus make it so.

Though Adam does not take such a negative view as Poneke. Further, part of the issue may well be the lack of diverse media and comment in NZ, plus varying world views of blog readers and commentators.

  1. showmethetaxcut permalink
    28/09/2008 16:27

    Good point.

    Blogging is a parallel and complimentary medium to the MSM where authors including journalists are freer to comment on issues including corruption in its various guises than is apt for a main stream media news or editorial piece



  1. New Zealand is the least corrupt country on Earth, says Transparency International. No ifs, no buts, no maybes « Poneke’s Weblog

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