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Melamine found in NZ produced lactoferrin


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So the melamine issue reaches our shores with a reported problem at Tatua. Though it may be the case that the level is so low that the test results are not reliable.

Of concern is the possibility that insecticides used on cattle feed imported from overseas could be the cause, or the insecticide may have been used here in NZ.

This heightens the need for careful oversight at all stages of the supply chain.

Even though the levels detected were very low and are believed not harmful to humans, this is not a good situation as consumers are especially wary of substances such as melamine at present and disinclined to accept any level of presence.

Not what the dairy industry needs at this time, especially in respect of high value add product such as lactoferrin.

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  1. 29/09/2008 14:49

    We do need to be very careful at all stages of the food chain. But we also need to be careful about needless worry over tiny amounts of elements in food which will do no harm.


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