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US dairy lobbyists go ballistic


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The other day Adam commented on a post by Bernard Hickey on the potential FTA with the P4 involving the USA. The essence of which might be distilled as ‘be careful what you wish for’. Bernard has a follow up post “It didn’t take long for US lobbyists to go ballistic” the meaning of which you do not need Adam to explain. Opening remarks by a US dairy lobbyist quoted by Hickey:-

Here was the initial response from the National Milk Producers Federation. It called for the full exclusion of New Zealand’s dairy products from the P4 trade agreement. Not just a few extra tariffs or quotas. Full exclusion. I’ll let them hang themselves below.

“The real change as a result of a so-called Trans-Pacific trade agreement between these nations and the U.S. would be to throw open American markets to one large multinational company that works under the auspices of the New Zealand government. New Zealand is the world’s largest dairy exporter, and benefits tremendously from the defacto dairy monopoly in New Zealand whereby one company controls more than 90% of the country’s milk production. “New Zealand’s government must be salivating at the prospect of getting unfettered access to our consumer markets, even while the U.S. remains constrained by where it can export our dairy products around the world, including to our neighbors, such as Canada,” said Jerry Kozak, President and CEO of NMPF, noting that there would be no new opportunities for U.S. dairy exports under a Trans-Pacific agreement, given existing relations with the other significant economic participants. “The heightened prospect of greater manipulation by New Zealand of not only global markets, but also our domestic industry and policy, would make an already uneven playing field in the global markets even worse,” Kozak said. “This manipulation of our markets will drive down dairy farmer income in America, force farms out of business, and create a ripple effect swamping dairy plants and other rural businesses – all at a time when our economy is slowing and unemployment is rising.”

Surely this guy is dreaming. He sounds hysterical, but wait there is more, take the time to read the full piece at Hickey’s blog. Homepaddock comments on this piece by Hickey as well.

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    30/09/2008 22:52

    If Obama gets in I doubt if an FTA with anyone will be on his agenda


  2. 30/09/2008 21:59

    Exactly, Goff and Clark’s little US FTA announcement would have carried more credibility if we had not been sucked in by the last 10 skyhawk sale “imminent” lies.


  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    30/09/2008 19:52

    Not I said the sparrow


  4. 30/09/2008 18:31

    Are any of us really surprised at this knee jerk reaction from an industry lobby group?
    They really should not worry though, all we have is a hand shake and a promise to meet people who will probably have been replaced by the time the proposed meeting comes around anyway.
    I think the Wisconsin Dairy Farmers are safe for a little while yet.


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