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Cartoons for Today, Wednesday 1 October 2008


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Unfortunately this has the ring of truth

KAL - The Economist - 26 September 2008

KAL - The Economist - 26 September 2008

I was going to keep this next one for a Money Funny, but it was so appealing I decided to make it a bonus cartoon for today.

Peter Brookes - The Times - 30 September 2008

Peter Brookes - The Times - 30 September 2008

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    01/10/2008 19:47

    Sorry, ‘ring of truth’ in the sense of being unable to fill Mandela’s shoes.

    I agree with you that Zuma is deeply flawed and not a good choice


  2. 01/10/2008 13:00

    The Zuma-Mbeki cartoon does not have a ring of truth. Mbeki at least followed Mandela’s free-market economic policies. Zuma with his massive South African Communist Party (SACP) and Union support will be pushed into nationalisation of the banks and mines, and to apply Mugabe’esque land reforms. We can look forward to a large increase in state security forces and increasing clampdown on dissent and other freedoms. After all he has a history of violent and deadly supression of dissent within his own party during the ‘struggle’ years.


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