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Quotation for Today, Tuesday 7 October 2008


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How can anyone speak favourably of someone who’s engaged in the politics of desperation – doing anything and everything to keep herself as PM. Her recent conduct over the past few weeks shows she’ll shamelessly engage in the deft arts of political duplicity and expediency, to preserve her artifice of being the “ordinary” people’s PM.

Helen Clark has become too self-enamoured, consumed by her own conceit and her own sense of self-worth, now believing that she has been conferred a divine right to be re-elected as PM. On the continuum of being responsive to the nation’s growing unease as to her leadership, it lies somewhere between dismissive and outright disdain, to any public/political disaffection. She exudes a miasmic aura of imperiousness and infallibility, impervious to the ever-widening eddy of public discontent. And it’s subsuming her sense of judgement and political reality. Over the past few years she has devolved into a kind of Rob Muldoon incarnate.
Other than that, I’m a great fan of her.

Catalina Y – writing on the NZ Herald website when invited to comment on Helen Clark

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