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Initial blogoshere reactions to National’s policy statement


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Adam has not had time to digest the various papers accompanying the policy statement by Key and English.

At first blush it appears politically quite astute.

Economically Adam is not so sure.

A range of comments can be found on the internet. Some of the comment is predictable.

Readers may want to consider, in no particular order or preference:-

Frogblog opines here rounding up a range of views

Frog quotes both No Right Turn and Whale Oil and Tane from The Standard

Kiwiblog $47 a week, the full package, and Kiwisaver and Superannuation

the Standard No tax cut for most from Nats, Tax cuts for the rich, Nats break into your piggy bank

Visible Hand in Economics – Opinion on National’s Tax Policy

The Hive has several posts – starting with this one – At Last an Economic Plan

Keeping Stock has several posts, but this one refers to National’s website and the economic plan

Homepaddock posts here with her comment

Winston’s blog has a piece of attack prose masquerading as a comment and accusing Key of lying and secret agendas

These cover the spectrum, some in greater detail than others and a number from what can charitably be described as a partisan perspective.

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