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NZ Herald:Leaders’ Blogs are now MIA


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Has the NZ Herald discontinued the daily Leaders’ Blog from John Key and Helen Clark?

No postings since that for Friday 17 October 2008.

Adam thought these were to be daily.

Can it be that the blogs are not rating?

Perhaps the Leaders’ no longer have time to write them. No, scrub that, their media minders will have written them and not very well for John Key.

Oh, well perhaps our Leaders’ ghost writers only work Monday to Friday.

Perhaps it is just a failed media stunt.

Their absence is a shame really, as although not very good, in fact ‘Key’s’ was downright risible at the beginning they were still something to pick on.

Of course the fact that no comments were posted on these blogs might be an indicator that something was wrong.

The ‘wrong’ might include poor promotion as well as poor content. Goes to prove just putting up stilted prose under the names of Clark and Key does not a blog make.

To see what others think Adam has put up a new poll in the side-bar on the Herald’s Leaders’ Blogs.

You can vote in multiple categories in this totally unscientific poll.

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