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Again Clark plays politics with NZ economy


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A short while ago Adam and others commented on how John Key had offered to support a bi-partisan approach to dealing with aspects of the bank deposit guarantee scheme.

This seemed to Adam a commonsense idea, worthy of exploration and demonstrating leadership and an approach which put country first.

He now notes this response from one Helen Clark, complete with the typical Clark trademark ad hominem attack, as reported by TV3 (Hat Tip Homepaddock):-

“A change to a leader with the learner wheels on no longer seems as interesting as it might have, even a few weeks ago,” says Clark.

She said she welcomed Key’s offer, but played it right down, saying her team has already got it sorted.

“At the moment it’s something that’s being looked at by senior officials, and Bill English has been kept abreast of that.”

So Clark says they are already working together as much as they need to.

So Adam’s suspicion that Clark would spurn the offer by Key are confirmed. Adam wrote a couple of hours ago:-

This issue will develop further in the next few days, but at the present Adam suspects that Clark may well choose to back herself and spurn the bi-partisan offer.

So to Adam’s mind we have Key demonstrating leadership and Clark playing politics with a major economic issue again.

Clark is playing a very dangerous game, indeed Adam is now very much inclined to put substantial credence in a comment made by Fran O’Sullivan in her NZ Herald article of Saturday:-

The political calculation will be feral. At issue is whether Clark and Cullen _ two extremely skilful political strategists _ are manufacturing a mini-crisis which will cement them as leaders in the voters’ eyes if they come to the party (again) before the election by issuing an inter-bank guarantee to keep “Kiwis in business”.

Adam now thinks that this is precisely what Clark is up to. Her behaviour certainly suggests it, the idea that briefing Bill English post events is sufficient is plainly absurd at this time.

We are now seeing extremely arrogant and indeed outrageous behaviour by Helen Clark. The PM is playing with the economy and the livelihood of all New Zealanders with this petulant, prima donna arrogance.

It will be interesting to see how the media treat Clark’s response, whether there will be any substantive questioning of her stance or whether we will see the same ‘smart politics’ comments which greeted her prior politicisation of this matter last Sunday at the Labour launch.

Adam will not hold his breath in expectation of seeing the media change their approach and actually fulfil a questioning and investigative role.

Now what was that about trust?

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