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Simon Power likes Laura Norder as well


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National’s Simon Power has responded quickly, and effectively Adam believes, to Annette King’s announcement of an inquiry into Organised Crime.

New Zealanders will be offended by Labour’s announcement today that its only response to the scourge of gangs is to form a committee, says National’s Justice and Corrections spokesman, Simon Power.

“This is the only law and order policy that Labour have announced in this entire campaign, and it turns out to be a ‘Commission of Inquiry into Organised Criminal Gangs as a means of establishing the extent of gang involvement in organised crime.’

“Well, I’ve got news for Annette King: gangs = organised crime.

“Why should the public believe this is anything other than a way of avoiding any real action on gangs?

Absolutely right. Adam believes that we have the laws to effectively tackle gangs, but that for various reasons the police do not take action. Quite simply it is not good enough. Further, Annette King’s announcement of an inquiry rather than substantive action is a disgrace.

Power points out that this would be yet another review, which seems to be the regime’s response whenever something comes up, as opposed to actually doing anything – unless of course it involves curtailing personal freedoms through the likes of the EFA.

“Compare those frontline actions (National’s concrete proposals) to Labour’s musings that ‘the commission’s findings would provide an excellent stocktake of the level of organised criminal activity in New Zealand.’

“Would that be the same kind of document that the Ministry of Justice produced in March 2005, entitled ‘Stocktake on what we know about Organised Crime in New Zealand’?

No doubt some in the MSM will trumpet this Labour ‘initiative’, rather than focusing on Labour’s lack of achievement in this are over the last 9 years.

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