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A most interesting development


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Just returned home after an excursion with Mrs Smith to the supermarket, where the duties of bag-carrier and billpayer were performed in accordance with the natural order of life.

Thought a visit to the Herald web-site might be in order, which is when Adam received one mighty surprise.

A headline proclaiming that Michael Jones and Inga Tuigamala are very publicly endorsing National.

Their reasons for the endorsement are based on their spiritual values, and their belief that the National Party could take Pacific people in a forward direction, the pair said today.

Rugby legends Michael Jones and Inga Tuigamala

Rugby legends Michael Jones and Inga Tuigamala

“We don’t want our people just working in factories”, said Tuigamala. “We want them starting to own those factories.”

They criticised Labour, saying they had undermined the moral values of Pacific people by decriminalising prostitution and allowing civil unions.

This is a most interesting development. Labour in Adam’s opinion have long been guilty of taking the Pacific Island vote for granted. He suspects that to Labour the PI vote, rather like the Maori vote until the Maori Party emerged, has been seen as theirs by right as so many Pacific Islanders are on benefits.

Jones and Tuigamala belong to a different generation with a different view on the world.

John Key said the endorsement from Jones and Tuigamala was a very important step towards National gaining the traditionally Labour Pacific vote.

“It sends a strong message that they (Jones and Tuigamala) are standing up as young leaders in their community, giving support to a National government and endorsing our view.

A very intriguing development and one which John Key is to be congratulated for backing. This announcement begins to add substance to Key’s approach of building a growth focused NZ with opportunity for all to achieve.

Perhaps there is such a thing as ‘ a money trader with a heart‘. Also this marks Key out as determined to lead a different sort of National Party. No wonder he was so annoyed with Lockwood Smith last week.

The electoral impact of this endorsement will be interesting to see, as will Clark’s reaction. Again with this announcement Key has moved into an arena traditionally seen as Labour territory.

  1. Rod permalink
    03/11/2008 14:29

    If you go back in time, I believe Lockwood Smith as the then Minister of Education was behind the Southern Cross school concept in South Auckland, which is ironic but relevant to this development – the Nats association with the local issues in South Auckland is not all that new in fact. Time to take some credit and at least some of the vote back?



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