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National’s lousy print ads today


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Looking through various newspapers today Adam has noted that Labour and National are both running a significant print campaign today.

Here are the respective advertisements as they ran in the Dominion Post:-

Labour on Page A4

domposta41Then the National advert page A12


Compare and contrast the two adverts.

Labour’s quite striking full page, with a simple message against National’s smaller, busy advert with hard to read white text on a blue background.

To Adam the Labour advert came across better.

Then we need to look at placement. In the Dominion Post the Labour ad was on Page A4, National’s towards the rear of Section A, Page A12. In the NZ Herald Labour were again in a better position on Page A8, just after the Metro page whereas National’s advert was in the cable pages on Page A17. Again in The Press the Labour ad achieved better placing on A4 compared to A7 for National.

Now Adam is no advertising man, but he thinks that in this area Labour have run a better ad today. In addition the placement of the Labour adverts appears to have been better.

Overall Adam’s reaction is that these National ads are poor, the size is wrong, they do not catch the eye and the placement in the publications is not advantageous.

Surely National have access to competent media advice? Or do they? This makes Adam wonder.

This seems yet another example of poor media strategy by National.

If any of his readers have knowledge in this area, it would be useful to have their opinion.

  1. bobux permalink
    06/11/2008 23:25


    As a non-expert, your comments seem correct to me.

    More generally, Labour seems to have run far more TV and print ads than National. What exactly has National been doing with its advertising budget?

    I have been expecting a last-minute blitz by National, but that clearly isn’t going to happen now.


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    06/11/2008 20:28


    Absolutely, but which ad are you going to read?

    Which ad attracts the eye?

    I noticed Labour’s, which meant I then went looking for National’s.

    And I read both the DomPost and the Herald in print daily.

    Labour caught my eye, National did not – partly because of the placement and the fact they did not buy a page


  3. 06/11/2008 20:23

    I agree with yout about the visual impact.

    But the danger with Labour’s is that people who think about it might ask why we’d trust the people who led us into the mess to lead us out of it.



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