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The real foe


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As one might expect the Saturday papers are full of articles lauding the election of Barack Obama, given that they cannot report much else.

There are at least 3 opinion pieces in the Herald – John Roughan, Paul Thomas and Fran O’Sullivan, plus reprints from The Economist.

O’Sullivan and Thomas sound some words of caution. Roughan is more celebratory in tone.

Thomas talks about the weight of expectations and pays due regard to John McCain’s exemplary concession speech.

Adam especially liked this word picture from Thomas:-

After his admirable concession speech, McCain brushed cheeks with Palin and shook her husband’s hand with the indecent haste of someone farewelling ghastly distant relatives who’d turned up out of the blue and had to be crowbarred out of the spare bedroom. Alone at last!

Thomas also noted the impact of the so called culture wars.

O’Sullivan dwelt more on economic issues and especially the forthcoming APEC meeting in Lima, Peru. She sees it as very important, as does Adam that the NZ administration does what it can to encourage the incoming Obama administration in the direction of free trade. This is critical for the NZ economy.

Having read these pieces, Adam thinks those interested should read this piece from the Wall Street Journal, which points out some of those with whom President Obama is likely to have the most difficulty, as did President Clinton before him.

Now that Barack Obama has vanquished John McCain, he faces a much greater foe: Democrats on Capitol Hill. They’ve humbled the last two Democratic Presidents — and with their enhanced majorities next year, they’ll be out to do it again.

The article is an enlightening one. It may be that Americans will regret having Democrats controlling the two houses of Congress and the Executive.

Much will depend on whether President Obama chooses to govern, or continues to act is if he is running for office. On that only time will tell.

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