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Sore Losers #1


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Most voters will regret this

As New Zealand’s election results unfolded last Saturday, I sadly thought of the saying: ” Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they have done … “.

I feel that fits for the significant minority of voters who switched enough votes to National to allow it to lead the incoming government – a toxic trio of National, ACT and UnitedFuture.

Though National’s John Key might be perceived as a fresh new face, beware. The ministerial grouping behind him will largely comprise the failed, recycled nitwits of the 1990s – Tony Ryall, Maurice Williamson, Bill English, the two Smiths … and that’s not to mention the extreme ACT MPs, Sir Roger Douglas and Rodney Hide.

Most Kiwis will have woken on Sunday to the nightmare that is ahead.

Most people will regret what was done on Saturday and I have no doubt that the National-ACT Government will be mincemeat at the next election. Roll on 2011.

Chatswood West, NSW

Dominion Post – Letters to the Editor

Another sore loser who appears to object to democracy, one who does not live here either.

  1. Billy Borker permalink
    15/11/2008 15:02


    Maybe you should hold an inquiry in to your own mind. In waht way does Peter Benson appear to reject democracy? Is your version of democracy one in which there is an elction and then no discussion of the result?

    I don’t see Peter Benson repudiating the vote or calling for an insurrection, just expressing his opionion on the type of government NZ has elected.

    Which part of free expression don’t you understand?



  2. Rod permalink
    14/11/2008 08:15

    Trouble is, people living in the past and overseas like that will no doubt have as much say as those of us here with each of our votes.
    Fortunately – or should I say hopefully – many expats will vote for change, having felt forced out in their droves under Helen.


  3. 13/11/2008 23:07

    Boy, is he in for a nasty surprise in 2011…



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