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Mr Hyde ousts Dr Jekyll, doctors concerned


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Chris Trotter’s alter ego Mr Hyde appear to have written Trotter’s SST column for today. The resemblance to a rational human , Hyde’s opposite Dr Jekyll, who Adam presumed was the author of Trotter’s Friday column in the Dominion Post, has disappeared. Hyde has penned a venomous attack upon Tariana Turia, the Maori Party and John Key. Key is cast in the mould of colonial oppressor and Tariana as a traitor to her race and ancestry, as are to a lesser degree Pita Sharples and Hone Harawira.

The column is not yet on line, but thanks to a piece of nifty software Adam provides a MS Word document chris-trottersst16nov

Trotter is of course entitled to his views. It is the venom with which he expresses them and the way in which he attacks people for having the temerity to hold views different to his own that is so offensive.

Yet if someone wrote a column attacking him personally, Adam suspects that Trotter would act very offended.

Adam suspects that Trotter has great issues with coping with democracy when it delivers an outcome with which he disagrees, or when people take decisions and choose paths of action which he opposes.

It is tempting to conclude that this attack was because of genuine belief in what he writes, coupled with a realisation that significant, possibly momentous change is underway in NZ politics. Whilst he may recognise that change is occurring Trotter is not. His so called analysis is through the prism of a world view formed years ago. He cannot conceive that other people may wish to do things differently from his prescription. he cannot accept that he may be mistaken.

It was not political commentary. It was bilious drivel.

  1. LabourMustBeLiquidated permalink
    17/11/2008 16:53

    Trotters commie delusions have finally pushed him over the edge. He has gone insane(r).


  2. 16/11/2008 22:36

    His epiphany of Friday did not last long.

    Based on his last 3 years of material, Friday was definitely a one-off.

    He doesn’t just have opinions (which he is entitled to) he has the unfortunate belief that he knows what other people are thinking – and they are apparently all thinking evil thoughts and cannot be trusted.

    Look in the mirror Mr Trotter.

    redrum. siab. ssenrettib.



  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    16/11/2008 22:36

    It would be interesting to analyse the language.

    I have the impression that the vocabulary used in a ‘Hyde’ column is much more florid or pretentious than that used in a ‘Jekyll’.

    Maybe when the medications kick in or the moon changes it affects use of English!


  4. 16/11/2008 22:10

    It really is difficult to believe that the same person wrote both columns. Either your Jekyll & Hyde theory is right or he has a bitter twin.


  5. LaFemme permalink
    16/11/2008 21:49

    My guess? Bipolar


  6. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    16/11/2008 19:40

    Cullen once described Trotter as a ‘romantic’ socialist. If this is Trotter’s idea of being a romantic socialist I would hate to see him when he is not ‘romantic’


  7. Rod permalink
    16/11/2008 18:36

    Hasn’t ACT got an MP who has ideas about setting up a Gulag near Waiouru?
    Is Chris Trotter deliberately trying to provoke him into proposing hardened political propagandists become prisoners as well as hardened criminals?


  8. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    16/11/2008 17:42

    Having now seen that John Key has been able to bring together a government incorporating a diverse set of politicians in a short timeframe, I suspect that Trotter will become even more irrelevant.

    His tirades of bitterness will render him evermore lacking in relevance and any form of influence. I am pleased to suggest.

    In addition, I think others on the left will suffer from the same problem if they are not doing so at present.


  9. Budgieboy permalink
    16/11/2008 17:01

    Thanks for posting this.

    I had heard a little about this column and have just returned from the shops where, although tempted, I had resisted parting with cash for the left wing rag that is known as the SST.

    Thank god I did.

    Trotter needs help, he really does. Not only is he totally devoid of any objectivity or reason but he is spiteful and churlish as well.

    Stuck in some kind of ideological time warp Mr Trotter is slipping further and further into irrelevance.


  10. Lesley permalink
    16/11/2008 16:55

    On second thoughs he is just a sad bitter old bugger who is living in the past. I think Ill just ignore him


  11. Lesley permalink
    16/11/2008 16:49

    This is the reason why the left are out of government. The fact that he believes he is entitled to lecture a political party (and another culture) on what they should or should not do and then condem them in an attack not on the policies but in a patronising bilious attack on an individual.

    We (the majority of the NZ public) are sick to death of these small minded nasty individuals and if I never hear the name Chris Trotter again it will be too soon.


  12. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    16/11/2008 16:29

    Yet, Trotter seems to think that by calling his spiteful rubbish an attack, that renders it non-patronising when it clearly is, especially when he lectures Tariana Turia on her own culture


  13. chfr permalink
    16/11/2008 16:08

    I need a shower after reading that. I do despair if that is what passes for opinion pieces in the SST.

    How patronising.


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