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Jane Clifton’s cogent review of election night TV


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Unlike the appalling article by Linda Burgess where readers of her Dominion Post TV column last Monday were instead treated to her outpourings of grief following the election result on November 8, Jane Clifton’s TV column on Tuesday 11 November was a blessed relief.

For a start it was about TV, more particularly the election night coverage and what TV coverage was likely to be during the government formation period. Unlike the appalling Burgess piece, which Adam commented on earlier.

One cannot but enjoy a comment such as this when reading about the election night coverage:-

And my favourite unseen moment of the night, exactly what were those harridan-voiced Winston supporters doing to the media, while the nation was waiting for him to make his concession speech? It sounded as though cattle prods were involved. In one of the night’s best lines, Winston finally addressed the press as though it was a team of ill-trained huntaways. “I told you to get back. Now GET BACK!”

Or this in the final paragraph:-

There was a smorgasbord of commentators on both channels, from the sublimely intelligent – Therese Arseneau – to the worryingly idiosyncratic – a frantically gyrating Noelle McCarthy.

Well written, cogent and witty. A pleasure to read. Well done Jane Clifton.

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