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Tim Selwyn at TUMEKE! blogs on Radio New Zealand’s decision to take Noelle McCarthy off air until the Christmas period when she starts Summer with Noelle. Tim spends a fair amount of the post on poking the borax at Wayne Mowat and his taste in music. Apparently Mowat is the fill in for McCarthy. Tim quotes an article in the Dominion Post. He suggests that it should be a topic covered by Sunday’s – RNZ – MediaWatch programme, but will it be? Apparently the original allegations were not the only cases of alleged plagiarism.

Noelle McCarthy

Noelle McCarthy

Time Selwyn notes how McCarthy has a ‘breathy Irish lilt that begins to grate at the hour mark‘, personally about 15 minutes is all Adam can stand before lilt aversion sets in. After that he discusses Mowat’s shortcomings.

Adam suspects that Lee at Monkey with Typewriter will be desperately unhappy at this news, given this post on the fragrant Irish hackette.

John Drinnan at the NZ Herald writes today about this matter:-

Yesterday, the public radio company revealed an unspecified number of additional examples of plagiarism from the Irish star. But it reiterated its commitment to McCarthy’s planned holiday radio show Summer Noelle.

It appears she will remain on the RNZ taxpayer-funded payroll.

“Noelle will continue to prepare for the Summer Noelle programme scheduled from Boxing Day but will not present Afternoons for the rest of the year,” said the company.

The unsigned statement is part of a sorry saga in which the state broadcaster has obfuscated and delayed queries from the Business Herald about problems on the afternoon show

Drinnan is not impressed it would appear with the manner in which RNZ has handled this matter.

As Drinnan notes in his opening paragraph:-

Radio New Zealand chief executive Peter Cavanagh and networks manager John Howson have put themselves in the firing line for their softly-softly approach to plagiarism by radio host Noelle McCarthy.

Adam continues to wonder why RNZ executives are so impressed by McCarthy.

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