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Another poke in the eye for freedom


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Willem Buiter takes aim at the British government over the Damian Green affair at his always interesting Maverecon Blog at the FT with a post entitled ‘Another poke in the eye for freedom‘.

The entire post should be read, it is excellent in Adam’s view, but the concluding paragraph can stand on it’s own as an indictment of the authorities:-

The horrors perpetrated yesterday by murderous and well-organised terrorists in Mumbai remind us that we can afford no distractions or let-up in the long campaign to defeat this evil.  The counter-terrorism command in London clearly is not doing its job – keeping the public safe from the threats posed by terrorism –  if its members can find the time to question the opposition spokesman on immigration about a bunch of irrelevant leaks.  There are people out there wishing us harm and plotting to blow us up or gun us down.  Do something about that, please.  Harassing the opposition is not an appropriate or intelligent use of counter-terrorism resources.  It is also a threat to our democratic institutions.

Well said Mr Buiter.

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