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Christmas preparations


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OK so the economy is on the slide, we are in recession and generally every one is feeling gloomy. Yet within 4 short weeks it will be Christmas, then it will be New Year.

So despite all the economic gloom and doom, despite terror attacks, despite everything we all need to look on the bright side.

Therefore, Adam has linked to this Financial Times feature on Christmas 2008 with wine recommendations, recipes, gift ideas etc.

The spiced Irish beef looks great, a variation on corned beef to Adam’s way of thinking.
He is intrigued as well by the concept of a panettone bread and butter pudding.

If you cannot afford it live vicariously for a while.

Imagine that bottle of Lindauer is Bollinger, many cannot tell the difference, fill your glass and enjoy.

We are all in danger of glooming ourselves to despair.

The weather is getting better, soon we will be getting together with friends and family. Times could be better, but we can still enjoy ourselves.

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