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Bangkok ‘crisis’ media fiction


Looking at the non NZ media Adam was struck by how much less coverage of the Bangkok situation there appeared to be. There was little in the Times for example today, not a huge amount on The Australian web-site, it would appear that it is NZ which has relatively few people caught up there compared to other nations is the one where this is viewed as a great crisis.

To Adam’s mind this is no crisis. Media hysteria has blown this up to the extent that we have to ‘do something’. What a crock! Other than monitoring the situation and providing advice on how to exit Thailand by other means, why should the ‘Gummint’ be doing anything at all.

Phil Goff should keep his mouth shut as he seeks to create a crisis out of a non-event. Key should have said we are reviewing the situation and will take action if necessary. Further, he should have lambasted Goff for the cock-up that saw both 757s in maintenance at the same time.

  1. 03/12/2008 16:04

    The thing that our commentators don’t realize is the rest of Thailand is well-accustomed to civil unrest and overthrows of government and just works around it. Life goes on.

    Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Asian politics knows that Thai democracy is a rather unruly beast that goes through periods of democracy with the odd coup from time-to-time but in the King usually brokers some sort of deal to keep the country. Now if something were to happen to the Thai King then all bets are off, but right now business as usual.



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