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Poor start in ‘mana enhancing process’


Claire Trevett writes an interesting piece on the National 90 day probation bill and the impact on the National/Maori Party relationship.

The Maori Party’s votes are not needed for the law to pass but the disagreement is the first test of the new agreement between the Maori Party and the National Party.

That agreement leaves the parties with scope to disagree with each other but puts a premium on a respectful “mana-enhancing” relationship between the two, including consultation on issues that affect Maori Party interests.

Adam is concerned that John Key having brokered an historic relationship, may see it rent asunder by others in the party who display little, if any, nous of any kind.

The Maori Party was told only on Monday and had insufficient time to seek the views of Maori businesses and workers.

Key and English made commitments, the party apparatchiks need to get with the programme or be fired.

The rules have changed.

National must deliver on ‘mana enhancing’

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