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Quotation for Today, Friday 9 January


(A Foreign Secretary) is forever poised between the cliche and the indiscretion

(Maurice) Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton, OM, PC (10 February 1894 – 29 December 1986) was a British Conservative politician and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 10 January 1957 to 18 October 1963.

Nicknamed ‘Supermac’, in his premiership he advocated a mixed economy, championed the use of public investment to create expansion, and presided over an age of affluence marked by high growth and low unemployment. He restored the special relationship with the United States, decolonised much of Africa, ended National Service, strengthened the nuclear deterrent, and pioneered the Nuclear Test Ban with the Soviet Union, but his unwillingness to disclose United States nuclear secrets to France led to a French veto of the United Kingdom’s entry into the European Economic Community.

Harold Macmillan

Harold Macmillan


This seemed quite apt given all the nonsense about what McCully should or should not say about Gaza and Israel.

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