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Keith Locke:Political attributes-Blogpoll


The letter reproduced below and another one posted a few days ago struck Adam as indicating that Keith Locke’s recent pronouncements were not necessarily resonating as major vote winners with the average New Zealander.

Letters to the Editor - Dominion Post - 8 January

Letters to the Editor - Dominion Post - 8 January

Therefore in the spirit of inquiry, Adam has constructed a purely unscientific poll which his readers may take part in should they so wish.

Depending on your screen settings you may need to zoom in to read the poll questions, as on Adam’s standard settings he needed to zoom in to read clearly due to the nature of the polling tool.

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  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    10/01/2009 04:43

    Serum, thanks for the comment. A good point.


  2. Serum permalink
    10/01/2009 00:47

    KL is not off his trolley – he is ridiculously serious with all his bizarre statements and ideas, and in that respect only challenged by John Minto- and the fact that he is placed 18th out of the 63 candidates in the last election indicates that he is neither a vote winner nor a vote loser. Because it is crystal clear that he is certainly not a wise and intelligent politician, slot C would seem the most appropriate.


  3. pdm permalink
    09/01/2009 19:52

    Voted – I thought you could have had this option:

    `Keith Locke is a Dick and an embarrassment to New Zealand’.


  4. 09/01/2009 16:28

    The logical option is missing.

    “Keith Locke is a significant vote winner for the Right.



  5. 09/01/2009 14:33

    I will amend and offer this option as well


  6. 09/01/2009 14:14

    lol David – yes, the Greens do like to have their cake and eat it 🙂


  7. DavidW permalink
    09/01/2009 13:58

    Adam, You really need an option combining D and E if I read the Green Party supporters right.


  8. 09/01/2009 12:58

    Love your work Adam! Keith Locke inhabits a parallel universe to that which we share IMHO.


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