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Cease the mindless pablum, no more God Bless America


James Fallows takes Obama to task for sliding into the mediocrity of ending speeches with the phrase ‘God Bless America’. Apparently this, to Adam rather tacky habit, started with Reagan. Effectively it means the speech is over, have a nice day

Fallows , God Bless him, there I go again, must be channeling Reagan tonight – thinks it would be far better to drop the phrase and points out Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy saw no need for this mush. Nor did Jimmy Carter.

Hopefully, someone on Obama’s team reads Fallows and decides to take note of the blog post.

Fallows did not say this, but Adam will can they stop that horrible practice of wearing flag pins in their lapels. It is just so naff.

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  1. stjudetheobscure permalink
    10/01/2009 12:40

    Not to mention Obama obviously doesn’t really mean it anyway. He is more likely to believe that ‘America’s chickens, are coming home to roost.’


  2. 10/01/2009 12:19

    Maybe he’s hoping for divine guidance 🙂


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