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Pubs I have known #11 – Lord High Admiral, Pimlico SW1


The Lord High Admiral

This is a pub on a housing estate on the Vauxhall Bridge Road, along from Victoria Station, but quite close to the Vauxhall Bridge itself. No real claim to fame other than the fact that on December 30, 1972 Adam first met Mrs Smith in the bar, prior to going to a party in St Georges Square, Pimlico which is just round the corner and where Adam happened to be living at the time.

The pub just happened to be the ‘local’ that we, that is the guys Adam shared a flat with used, it being a bit better than a number of the other boozers in the immediate area.

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  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    10/01/2009 22:21

    yet one of the problems with social housing in the UK was that many of the earlier estates had no pubs, the estate this one was in, was in it’s time an award winning one and indeed today, is I think still somewhat better than many as it was low rise, not high rise.


  2. 10/01/2009 21:50

    Well, from humble beginnings…

    can you imagine the wowsers of today allowing a pub to be built into social housing?


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