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Kiwipolitico:strangely addictive


Several fellow bloggers have noted the advent of a new blog Kiwipolitico.

Adam had both noted it and forgotten to welcome the writers, despite making several comments there.

He apologizes for that oversight.

This blog features posts by Pablo, Anita and Jafapete.

Adam finds he is drawn to regularly visit to this blog. The posts are interesting and the debate is good, though the moment he wrote that comment, Adam knew someone will immediately deny that fact. It is strangely addictive.

Kiwipolitico is a welcome addition to the overall blogosphere, especially in NZ.

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  1. 12/01/2009 09:41

    Jafapete: OK. Maybe not everything. 🙂


  2. 12/01/2009 08:35

    Thanks for your comments everybody.

    “Virtually everything”, MacDoc? Surely not.

    singularian, Not only is Anita not Rochelle, as anyone reading her descriptions of her circumstances would realise, but Rochelle is anything but “smarmy”. But I don’t think you meant that personally.


  3. 11/01/2009 21:25

    Thanks Adam, i think we’re finding our feet, and we’re definitely all enjoying the comments 🙂

    singularian, that’s one of the most flattering incorrect guesses about my identity so far – many thanks.


  4. singularian permalink
    11/01/2009 21:17

    Anyone want to take up a ten to one bet that ‘Anita’ is lprents scorned niece Rochelle?

    Ahh the smarmy righteousness of being 22. I remember, I do, I do.


  5. 11/01/2009 21:02

    Yes, it is very nice to engage in thoughtful debate with left-wingers, instead of invective and ridicule. Though I do note one or two of the VDS bunch pop up now and again. Like Jafapete’s original blog, I may disagree with virtually everything they say, but at least we can disagree civilly.


  6. 11/01/2009 20:18

    It’s certainly a big improvement on that other paragon of left-leaning virtue, the VDS – then again, it’s early days!! Seriously though, I hope Kiwipolitico thrives – there is certainly a niche for it on the left-hand side of the debate.


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