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From a Parallel Universe #15


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Adam enjoys bringing to the attention of his readers some of the comments made in Letters to the Editor of various of our newspapers.

When he read the letter below he was momentarily lost for words. Initially he thought that the writer was possessed of an extremely dry and dark sense of humour. However, the more he looked at the letter, the more Adam became convinced that the writer was serious.

It was then that Adam realized just what damage had been inflicted by the last 9 years under the Labour Government.

Letters to the Editor - Waikato Times - 10 January

Letters to the Editor - Waikato Times - 10 January

Now as many have documented there are some issues concerning the management and direction of Fonterra. Yes, Fonterra is important, very important to the NZ economy, but last time Adam checked Fonterra was a farmer co-operative owned by it’s members. Also last time Adam checked it was still the case in NZ that it was up to the owners of a business to appoint the board, who in turn direct the company.

Have things changed? Does the Government now tell managers what to do in NZ?

If Mr De Wit is so unhappy then he should lobby Fonterra for change. It is not the role of politicians to interfere in private business.

The Adam began to wonder why mr De Wit thinks John Key should intervene. Then of course he remembered. Our FORMER Prime Minister and her minions had a habit of interfering with business. Some examples come to mind:-

  • Stopping Air NZ selling a major stake in the company to Singapore Airlines, at the behest of Australia (operating on behalf of Qantas) – not coincidentally Qantas now seeks a deal with Singapore
  • Saying investments in Air NZ were safe, just before it’s virtual collapse and nationalisation
  • Interfering in the possible sale of Auckland Airport
  • Buying KiwiRail for a grossly inflated price

Mr De Wit would seem to hanker to live in an environment where the Government decides on everything. Where the Prime Minister micro-manages everything personally.

Well Adam is pleased to say that in NZ the days of Helengrad are over. However, he will petition the Time Lords to open the portal to a parallel universe where the world Mr De Wit seems to wish for exists.

Of course it is also reminiscent of those in Russia who hanker for the return of Stalin and the certainty that life then brought; repression, purges, the Gulag and all those other benefits of freedom Soviet style.

  1. 14/01/2009 08:20

    I’m going to stand up for the writer in one respect.

    Misguided he might be but he’s got his eye on the ball. He doesn’t give a shit about the Sanlu victims.. he’s following the money, and good on him. We could do with a lot less time at the wailing wall and a lot more time on the money.

    Incidentally, the Chinese Govt won’t be too unhappy about all this.. it got royally shafted by the Citic Forestry affair here in NZ.. It’ll see it as payback on a similar scale.



  2. 13/01/2009 22:07

    He’s not only politically misguided he also doesn’t understand business – Fonterra isn’t in crisis.


  3. 13/01/2009 17:51

    I think we are only just starting to realise how much Helen Clark and her Ministers did intervene, Muldoon-like, in our daily comings and goings. It was insidious at first, but eventually became such a frequent occurrence that we meekly accepted that “that’s how it is”. It make take us a while to get used to having our freedom again – although for some, like JM De Wit, the trauma may be too much 🙂



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