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Alf Grumble, MP for Eketahuna North


A blog new to Adam is that of Alf Grumble who describes himself thus:-

Alf Grumble is the long-serving, hard-working and much-admired MP for Eketahuna North, in the Northern Wairarapa.

He was re-elected at the 2008 general election with a majority bigger than Winston Peters’ ego. In this neck of the woods, he is as popular as the late Keith Holyoake, the former Prime Minister who farmed not far from here.

He has become a blogger (and a good one, too) because our news media don’t give him or his wisdom the time of day.

Alf offered before the election to buy radio hack Barry Soper a beer in the bar at Bellamys, in the hope he might get a mention in a news bulletin. But Soper – weaned on Speights – declined (actually, he told Alf to bugger off).

It was an instructive rebuff. Alf realised that wooing the Press Gallery had become Mission Impossible. There had to be a better way to get his words across to constituents…

He’s saving on beer money, too.

Adam enjoyed this concluding extract from Mr Grumble’s first post, back in mid December 2008:-

No matter. Alf is about to become a blogger and will get his message through to his people via the web. You will find him a keen supporter of the Key Government’s efforts to install efficient broadband services around the country. You won’t find him supporting Rodney Hide’s daft efforts to have the science of climate change examined, because anyone who wears a silly yellow jacket is sartorially suspect and not deserving of support. Anyway, Alf reckons the climate is changing. The chilly reception he got from the missus when he reeled in last night can’t be put down simply to her dismay at his tired and emotional behaviour. It was aided and abetted – you can be sure – by a drop in temperatures generally.

Welcome to the Member for Eketahuna North.

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