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The inauguration


Woke up early this morning and watched the inaugural on Fox and the BBC. TVNZ coverage seemed to be interrupted by the asinine Henry fellow.

Earlier had listened to some guy on ZB waffling on about various guests arriving, but turned him off when he commented on the fact that Mohammed Ali seemed very old and shuffling along, clearly the fact that Ali has advanced Parkinson’s Disease was not something the Zb bozo knew.

Shame the Chief Justice botched the oath. Fox News wondered if that invalidated the swearing in.

Found Obama’s speech interesting, including the arrogance about the US being ready to assume it’s rightful place leading the world.

Strangely the speech had no really resonating phrases unlike Lincoln or Kennedy. Wonder if Obama was trying too hard?

Will read it later and may comment further.

Still think that a lot of people will be disappointed.

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