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Went to the Lighthouse Cinema, in Petone, today and saw an excellent film, or filum as Kim Hill might say.

Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt. They were ably supported by Amy Adams, who Adam initially did not recognise as her role was so different from the one she played in Junebug. Adams deserves her Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for this film, but am not sure Streep’s performance was such a tour de force as to merit her nomination for Best Actress, yet on reflection that comment may be an assessment against past Streep performances, as opposed to those she is up against.

Well worth seeing, strong cast with a story that works on more than one level.

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  1. lucy permalink
    29/01/2009 18:56

    My favourite Meryl Streep film……Sophies Choice



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