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Sloppy Journalism – Part 9


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The various media have been full of posturing over Paula Bennett, led by the APN stable, especially the tabloid Herald on Sunday. Epitomised by the sanctimonious comments in the editorial which were usefully discussed by MacDoctor Moments.

A number of other bloggers commented including David Farrar, Keeping Stock, and Roarprawn .

The ‘journalism’ involved in this ‘story’ is sloppy not to say shoddy. Therefore, Adam was much taken by this Letter to the Editor of  The Herald on Sunday published in yesterday’s print edition.

Letters to the Editor - Herald on Sunday - February 1

Letters to the Editor - Herald on Sunday - February 1

Especially pleasing was the phrase ”The junk material that is foisted on the public’.

To Adam’s mind the way the media treated this story was way, way out of proportion.

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  1. 02/02/2009 17:39

    Well said – bravo ! No- one is harder on crims than me. A few years as a social worker in a medium security jail tends to do that to you. But you have to give them a chance to get back into the main stream.

    And by the way – your blog is great – an oasis of elegance and wisdom nestled among the more raunchy ” tabloid style blogs like ours. Its a place I visit often.


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