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John Armstrong on the Key package


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John Armstrong’s piece at The NZ Herald website on the package announced by John Key was to Adam a balanced piece of reporting.

A good antidote to the TVNZ piece which Adam commented on earlier.

Armstrong was factual and eschewed the fatuous remarks of the TV commentator.

Quite rightly Armstrong foreshadowed that a stiffer test was to come with this comment:-

However, the first real test of just how radical, innovative and imaginative the Government’s behind-the-scenes thinking has been on ameliorating the impact of recession comes next week when the Prime Minister unveils details of “fast-tracked” Government building projects to keep people in work as the international crisis really hits home.

This will be critical. Adam tends to the view that many smaller projects rather than Think Big type schemes will work more successfully as they tend to be local and will enable work to be spread around the country to all areas. Furthermore they are more likely to be consented quickly and commenced rapidly.

As Armstrong noted it is critical that Key and his team build confidence whilst balancing those steps with an appreciation of reality. The Key package appears to be a step in the right direction.

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