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Rodney should be held to account for his stupidity


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Rather than actually visit the VDS , Adam tends to watch the RSS feed in his blog. Thus he came across this post about Rodney Hide.

Adam understands the frustration of Chrischurch businessman Gary Bull, but he is perforce compelled to agree with lprent’s comments about Rodney and his quotation from a post by Idiot/Savant, again not a blogger Adam often agrees with.

Rodney is no longer an opposition gadfly tweaking the government’s nose. He is a minister with a comprehensive agreement to support the Key Administration. It is his duty to behave in a responsible manner. With statements such as the one he made regarding Gary Bull he is sending an entirely inappropriate message. Indeed his comments could well be seen as an abuse of power.

When in opposition he was happy to taunt the GLNZ and her regime over failure to enforce provisions of the Cabinet Manual as regards Winston Peters.Adam was supportive of Rodney in his complaints about past non enforcement of the Cabinet Manual.

Similarly, Adam thinks Rodney should be held to account for his stupidity in sounding off like this. In fact John Key needs to do this to clearly demonstrate that his administration has made a clean break with the behaviours of the ancien regime.

Rodney should be brought in and told to behave and to issue a retraction statement. Key cannot afford for Rodney to go around blustering and posing just like Winston. If he gets away with it this time, he will, like Winston, just get worse.

In fact failure by Key to take a firm stand will be construed as weakness and seen as a sign that the tail is yet again wagging the dog. For his own sake as well as for good governance Key must haul Rodney over the coals and give him a severe reprimand.

Indeed as Key is keen on ministers performing now is the time to ask the question, what if anything has Rodney done since his appointment that will assist us in fighting the recession?

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    10/02/2009 16:05

    As I ahve said I have no objection to Hide saying it is bad law and that he will rectify it, but saying people should break the law until it is rectified is stupid.

    On that basis ‘boy racers’ or the ‘tarmac terrorists’ can argue that the laws they ignore are stupid and that therefore they are entitled to break them.


  2. James permalink
    10/02/2009 15:34

    “James equating compliance with building regulations with the Nazis is absurd.

    The regulations are an example of an asinine law, which should be amended.

    The Nazis laws re Jews were immoral and fall into another category all together.’

    So is this law……it is immoral just as the Nazi law was….the difference is in the degree…not the principle.Both violate individual rights…the protection of which is the only legitimate foundation for good law.

    ACT were elected to change things….one thing being bad and oppressive regulation that stiffles productive people and their activities….Hide is staying true to this promise and saying so….good on him.


  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    10/02/2009 13:43

    James equating compliance with building regulations with the Nazis is absurd.

    The regulations are an example of an asinine law, which should be amended.

    The Nazis laws re Jews were immoral and fall into another category all together.


  4. James permalink
    10/02/2009 11:37

    Rodney made the right call and good on him for doing so.The law is an ass.Just because something is lawful doesn’t make it right or compulsury to obey.Hiding jews from the Nazis was against the law in Germany cirra 1940,s but was it wrong to disobey it…?

    Rodney has shown courage and principle in whats he’s done from within Govt and has the publics backing.If Key makes an issue of this I would not blame ACT from withdrawing support from National and letting the voters decide whos right….I suspect National wouldn’t dare.Labour got the arse for their nanny state nonsense….National will get the same if it plays copycat and doesn’t swiftly move to remove this PC red tape BS from NZ…


  5. nommopilot permalink
    10/02/2009 09:50

    @ JC “about the second highest total crime rate in the world”

    are you living in New Zealand? your claims are false. please provide a reference if you can. anyone can make up statistics to prove a point.


  6. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    06/02/2009 10:48

    Looking back over the thread, it is my view that boy racers are a product of the attitude that it is all right to ignore laws that you do not like.

    If you do not like the law campaign to change it.

    If politicians pass stupid laws get rid of them

    We have as JC said too many ill considered laws. Partly as a result of the nature of our parliamentary system with 3 year terms and no upper House.

    In fact I suspect much of our problems with bad law is due to the passing of ill considered legislation, under urgency and with no review by a second chamber.


  7. significanthazard permalink
    06/02/2009 08:24

    “I am firmly of the view that it is the constant sending of signals that people can ignore laws/rules they do not like ………”

    Gore District Council is a classic example.


  8. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    05/02/2009 20:59

    Rodney made a stupid comment and he should accept that.


  9. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    05/02/2009 20:59

    No, I want compliance with the law.

    In fact the cause of our problem is to my mind the exercise of too much tolerance.

    We need to move to a stricter regime.

    Why would anyone comply with law when fines are not enforced. When people like Len Richards are not prosecuted.

    To my mind we need a Prosecution Service charged with securing convictions.

    Our police are overly sensitive souls and have been politicized plus they have a number of very dubious convictions to their “credit”.


  10. 05/02/2009 20:50

    If we were dealing with normal times, I would agree with due process, but those days are gone.

    What we are dealing with is a Parliament that makes more than 1000 new laws and amendments each year.. every year. All of them require compliance from a relatively well off populace and business.
    We all moan like hell about them but do nothing because we can exist with them to some degree.

    Now we are talking about an ass of a law complicated by the usual Council stuff ups, tardiness and bloody mindedness.. and make no mistake.. each new piffling law is compounded by a factor of two or more by councils, Govt departments and pressure groups.. and we simply have neither the time or the money in a very difficult situation to follow processes that take months or years.

    As for concerns about the thin edge of the wedge from flouting laws.. well, I give you the boy racers, about the second highest total crime rate in the world, first in child abuse, top world rates in sexual crime, very high violence crimes.. we are already serial offenders against basic law and order, and you want strict compliance with asinine law?



  11. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    05/02/2009 18:50

    Agree, in fact anybody who criticized Winston over the infamous $158,000 should not be supporting Rodney over this as it falls into the same category in my view.

    The law may be an ass, but we do not have to behave like asses, nor support politicians who behave like asses – whatever side of the left – right spectrum they are from or which we support


  12. 05/02/2009 18:44

    I agree, Adam. We can’t just pick and choose what laws we should obey on the basis that we think they are dumb.
    I think paying the amount of tax that I do is dumb. Can I pay half that amount? I don’t think so.

    There may be unjust laws that we would be right to disobey (I can’t think of a NZ example, offhand), but this law isn’t unjust – just dumb.


  13. 05/02/2009 12:01

    The story saying the council was wrong is here:


  14. 05/02/2009 11:42

    You’re right a minister should not advocate breaking the law.

    However, I read this morning (but can’t find the link now) that the council was wrong to require a disabled shower in the building in question.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      05/02/2009 12:02


      see my response to JC

      I am firmly of the view that it is the constant sending of signals that people can ignore laws/rules they do not like that has contributed to many of the societal problems we face today



  15. 05/02/2009 11:22

    I agree with Hyde. It’s a dumb regulation and should go, we are in a huge recession and can’t afford this sort of PC crap. Productivity is about doing the sensible.

    As for Hyde encouraging breaking the law.. tough, signals have to be sent and received because we haven’t time to fart about changing PC rules.



    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      05/02/2009 12:00


      Based on the Herald article the issue may not be a dumb regulation, but a dumb council failing to exercise discretion. See this article from the NZ Herald

      I have no problem with Rodney saying it is a dumb regulation and that in his Ministerial role it is one of the many he intends to tidy up.

      That would send the message on PC.

      I believe though that he was wrong to say the guy should go ahead and break the law.

      Particularly at this time, when as a society we have major problems with so many, e.g. boy racers breaking the law

      Thus Rodney is sending entirely the wrong message.


  16. peteremcc permalink
    05/02/2009 11:17

    “What if anything has Rodney done since his appointment that will assist us in fighting the ression?”

    As much as he’s been allowed to (which is quite a bit).

    But i’m sure he has plenty of ideas to help out JK, if JK will let him!


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