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“boy racers” are really “tarmac terrorists”


Letters to the Editor - The Press - 5 February

Letters to the Editor - The Press - 5 February

Amidst all the media hype and some of the ludicrous comment that drifts across the radio this letter makes a very valid point.

Last night when Adam was having difficulty sleeping he heard someone on ZB make a similar point.

The caller suggested that rather than use the term “boy racers” we adopt a more meaningful description such as “tarmac terrorists” or “road rats’.

This struck Adam as eminently sensible.

Readers are invited to submit their own suggestions, for an alternative to “boy racer”.

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  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    05/02/2009 20:54


    I suspect that you are correct. In addition this problem has been emerging/going on for years, for example re gangs

    What is it about NZ society that will not face up to issues?



  2. 05/02/2009 20:31

    This is part of the problem.. the inability to understand, define, name and deal with road racers.

    I think it’s organised crime that’s moved from the ghetto to a neighborhood near you. It’s a marriage of poorly controlled youth, technology, drugs and alcohol. Overlaying it is the desire to move it’s fear and control elements to any part of a town. It shares many characteristics with modern insurgencies.. esp. those in the Middle East.

    The reason we don’t define it in such terms is because we would actually have to recognise it and take strong action to control it.



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