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Richard Dawkins Rap – Beware the Believers


This is to Adam’s mind really funny – poking fun at a whole range of topics.

(Hat -tip: Faith Central at The Times)

If you click through you can read the lyrics as well.

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  1. canuckiwi01 permalink
    05/02/2009 21:39

    bloody marvelous!! “He’s still smarter than you, he studied biology”!! brilliant!


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    05/02/2009 18:46

    I thought so

    did you catch the reference to the Scopes Monkey Trial on which a great film with Tracy and fredric March was based? I think it was called Inherit the Wind from memory and also starred gen kelly in a dramatic role as a reporter


  3. 05/02/2009 18:37

    Very funny.

    Good rap too.


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