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Sloppy Journalism Part 12


Letters to the Editor - Dominion Post - 4 February
Letters to the Editor – Dominion Post – 4 February

Adam agrees totally with the comments of the letter writer. Why this story got front page coverage, goodness knows why. Similarly with the photograph of members of the Scott family drinking wine at Boomrock station on the front page of Monday’s edition.

The paper is not Woman’s Day, or Hello magazine or at least not yet.

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  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    06/02/2009 23:01


    Thanks for the comment. I have no objection as such to a ‘good news’ story, but these especially the best dressed guy story were such nothing pieces, they do not even qualify as good news.

    In fact the one with the picture of the wine drinkers was perhaps even more depressing as it appeared to exult in the fact that for the rich holidaying NZ was now so much cheaper.

    A number of recent stories seem to have been on the lines of dumb and dumber.

    Anyway thanks for reading and commenting


  2. Ian Wishart permalink
    06/02/2009 22:41

    I once would have agreed (about 6 months ago)…but having complete access to all the newswire feeds, as we do for Investigate and TGIF, it’s wall to wall bad news out there.

    I put a story about cows on the front page of TGIF just to lighten the load a little, and I suspect others are looking for something, anything, that isn’t totally negative…just to maintain a little sanity.

    It’s actually quite hard to find a good news story on the wires at the moment.


  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    06/02/2009 21:20

    Oh dear, Lucy you are someone more cynical than me.


  4. lucy permalink
    06/02/2009 21:15

    Adam I think you are wrong. The paper thinks it is womens day and hello all ready.


  5. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    06/02/2009 20:12

    Yet we will still need journalists for reportage and analysis.

    The problem in NZ is that the demand for quality journalism has declined


  6. 06/02/2009 19:22

    Between them, the Dom Post and the Herald seem hell-bent on tabloid-dom. I surmise this is a reaction to their rapidly declining advertising revenue, which (I assume) they are hoping to make up in subscriptions.

    I now get almost all of my news from the Internet. Where else can you pull news from a dozen places at once? Newspaper may not die in the immediate future but it will, eventually, die.


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