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Cartoon for Today, Saturday 7 February


Garland - Telegraph - February 5

Garland - Telegraph - February 5

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  1. Serum permalink
    07/02/2009 17:26

    The extended Obama arm with his imprudently opened hand offering the Iranian’s clenched fist a non-conditional deal has Obama literally missing the boat. If the cartoon zoomed out to its extents one would see the obliging Iranian hand thrust out from behind the Iranian back in the process of loading a fist full of rockets into the cargo hold of the first of the many anticipated boats expected as a gift from Iran to Hamas disguised as Aid.

    Placed lower in the cartoon there is a depiction of that first boat, the Cypriot-flagged Monchegorsk and renamed the Iran Hedayt , now currently docked in Cyprus having been discovered after inspection by the Cypriot authorities of carrying 10 containers of Iranian rockets and other weapons for rearming Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Next to that is a caption indicating that the Iranians have contravened UN Security Council Resolution 1747 which forbids Iran to export arms under international sanctions and violates Israel’s terms for accepting a Gaza ceasefire in its 22-day operation.

    Obviously Obama does not have foresight let alone eyes in the back of his head.


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