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Lard Nazis grumble


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Alf Grumble on the Lard Nazis reaction to Anne Tolley withdrawing a small part of the regulatory Nanny State so beloved of Labour and the Greens. Predictably Sue Kedgley was shocked and outraged.

What the Nutrition Nazis do not get:-

The Government has not made pie-eating – or gluttony – compulsory for school children.

It has simply scrapped a daft regulation requiring the availability of nothing but “healthy” food options for sale in schools.

It regards these – and rightly so – as unnecessary and a bureaucratic burden.

The scrapping of the lard laws gives school boards of trustees the freedom to make their own decisions about what are appropriate foods and drinks.

It does not permit them to advocate, preach or champion the spawning of a nation of Billy Bunters.

David Farrar comments as well.

There is the obligatory dis-information and mis-speaking from the VDS, especially in the thread.

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