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Customer Service #6-Telecom helpful


Wonders will never cease. Adam may finally have succeeded in getting aspects of his Telecom account sorted out. He managed to speak to someone at Telecom who was helpful and seemed to understand what was required.

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  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    11/02/2009 20:06

    C Says

    You might be interested in my Customer Service #7 post which deals with Vodafone, again


  2. 11/02/2009 19:19

    Adam might actually be surprised that Telecom, under new CEO Paul Reynolds, seems to have really transformed its approach to customer service. In fact, from this humble readers experience, Telecom’s provision of service is far superior to its competitor Vodafone, where the word service would appear to mean “doing everything possible to deliver a horrid experience to the customer”. When resolution of a simple issue requires contact with a General Manager, and subsequent follow up with CEO (Russell Stanners), one could be forgiven for thinking that Vodafone is staffed by a pack of dogs!


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