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Greens to vote against repeal of EFA


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The Greens are to vote against repeal of the EFA. Russel Norman claims :-

“The Electoral Finance Act can be better but even now it does a lot more good than bad. We should keep it until revised legislation is ready – legislation that promotes more honest, accountable and transparent government. In the absence of new legislation a return to the 1993 Electoral Act is a backwards step. We do welcome the Government’s commitment to work with all parties on a replacement and look forward to engaging constructively in that process.”

This from the party that colluded with Labour to ram through the EFA without meaningful consultation with other parties. This from the party that consistently indulges in Clayton’s consultations so as to provide a veneer of democratic process to decisions already reached. No surprise than, that the Greens are to vote against repeal of the EFA.

Norman went on:-

“There is no major election scheduled. The repeal under urgency is just political grand-standing. The Government could also reinstate the Citizens Jury to provide unbiased advice on campaign funding and electoral finance reform.”

Adam does not have too much concern over having a citizen’s jury, but the one proposed previously was the product of a stacked process.

BTW Russell the Key government made an election promise to repeal the EFA and replace it with a more consensus based law. So fie on you Russel for traducing John Key for fulfilling an election promose. Perhaps that is how you would behave.

The Greens seem to have a habit of demonstrating just how undemocratic they really are.

No wonder the Greens are more and more maginalised. Further as the truth about how ‘Greens’ may have contributed to the Australian bushfire disaster emerges Adam expects Green influence to wane dramatically.

  1. 13/02/2009 10:10

    Voting for the repeal of the EFA would require the Greens to admit that they made a mistake, and that’s NEVER going to happen! So much for the moral high ground.


  2. 12/02/2009 21:44

    Please excuse the pun Adam:
    The greens are toast in OZ.
    And after delanumpty broke out into a hippy song at the end of her maiden speech we can only hope that they are toast here too.



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