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The Inquiring Mind is now one year old


On 17 February 2008 Adam made his first post. Suddenly a year has passed. Today is the first birthday of The Inquiring Mind. The Inquiring Mind is now one year old.

This will be published post 2731.

To my surprise I have averaged some 7.4 posts per day this past year.

Further for the last several months the blog has featured in the Top 20 of the Tumeke! listings.This has far exceeded my expectations.

My thanks to all my readers and to those who choose to comment here.

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    19/02/2009 20:06


    Why thank you

    BTW we intend taking your advice and going to Black Barn on Saturday morning, which I remember as the Lombardi winery


  2. showmethetaxcut permalink
    19/02/2009 19:13

    Congratulations Adam.

    An excellent blog. I enjoy the posts on your other diverse interests as much as your political posts.


  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    19/02/2009 08:43


    Have already dropped behind, whilst travelling

    Plus have some other things to do over the next few weeks, so doubt if I will maintain the past average . But will try.


  4. 18/02/2009 22:58

    well done. Happy birthday. Now try keeping 7 posts a day up. 🙂


  5. 18/02/2009 09:46

    Happy happy blog birthday 🙂


  6. bobux permalink
    18/02/2009 09:22

    Congratulations – and pour yourself a well-deserved drink.


  7. lucy permalink
    18/02/2009 08:36

    Congratulations Adam. I look forward to the next year. I really enjoy your wisdom and humour.
    Thank you.


  8. 18/02/2009 07:26

    Well done to Adam. Only kindred bloggers will know what effort is required to produce an average in excess of seven posts per day, every day for a year. And to produce posts of the quality which yours are is even more of an achievement. Celebrate well kind Sir – and Mrs Smith 🙂


  9. 17/02/2009 22:48

    Congratulations on your first anniversary in the blogospehre, Adam.

    You’ve established a niche and maintained consistent quality with your posts.


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