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From a Parallel Universe #17


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Mr Matthews said the department needed a “step change” and he was “committed to staying on” and driving that change through.

So far he does not seem to have accomplished very much. If he has in fact achieved, then the place must have been an even bigger disaster before he started.

He said he did not have “any fears” about what the State Services Commissioner would find in his investigation of who was responsible for the Auditor-General’s report.

Mr Matthews also said he did not believe Ms Collins had been trying to get rid of him.

This is unbelievable.

Barry Matthews is definitely in a parallel universe. Certainly he does not appear to be resident in this one.

Adam wonders what The Crusher makes of all this?

  1. 16/04/2009 03:37

    This topic is quite trendy on the Internet at the moment. What do you pay attention to while choosing what to write ?


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    21/02/2009 17:52

    Matthews might have a case if he can demonstrate that the place though appalling is better than it was, further he might gain points with Crusher if he can show that he told Labour about the problems, but they failed to resource Corrections properly.


  3. 20/02/2009 18:08

    And now we have Clayton Cosgrove with his rubbish.

    Where is accountability in all this?

    Hell Corrections was a basket case under Labour, so why is this point not being driven home?


  4. lucy permalink
    20/02/2009 16:12

    This is my experience of corrections and the senior staff. It doesnt matter what you say or how you say it they only hear what they want to. Its like talking to a brick wall.


  5. 20/02/2009 15:10

    Great minds think alike Adam. I even referred to the parallel universe in my post. How can Matthews stand there in front of the press and opine that Collins doesn’t want his gonads on a silver platter?


  6. 20/02/2009 15:09

    There goes his grounds for trying a constructive dismissal case.


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