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Who is National’s Ancient Mariner?



Guilt by Association. Why on earth is the Key administration proceeding with this dreadful law. Adam was thinking about this topic for quite a while today. Then he came across this thoughtful post at Homepaddock, which he reproduces below:-

Soon after John Key became Prime Minister he said he wanted to focus on things which really mattered and, unlike Labour, didn’t want to become distracted and bogged down by sideshows.

Allowing the guilt by association sections in the new Copyright Act to come into effect will do just that.

It will take attention away from the good things the government is doing, it will provide a stick with which the government’s opponents will beat them; it will antagonise supporters and allow what ought to be a relatively minor piece of legislation to become a major distraction.

It will in fact be following Labour’s blueprint for losing their way.

Why would you inflict all that damage on yourself for legislation which was the previous administration’s mistake when you could simply delay the implementation of the two clauses until a fairer and more effective solution to the problem of illegal downloads is devised?

There is no logical reason for the government to inflict needless damage upon itself from a broad and articulate swathe of the population. Many of whom influence opinion.

So far Key has demonstrated a sure touch. Why place all at risk on this issue?

The cartoonists are enjoying themselves with this issue and making some cutting and damaging comments, viz Emmerson in the NZ Herald:-

Rod Emmerson - NZ Herald - February 21

Rod Emmerson - NZ Herald - February 21

Is that really the image Key wants for his government?

Then Mike Moreu had an equally cutting cartoon on Saturday:-

Mike Moreu - The Press - February 21

Mike Moreu - The Press - February 21

So here the government is now caricatured as requiring ISPS to usurp the role of the courts on the one hand and implementing legilsation as badly drafted and as ridiculous as the despicable EFA.

What is driving the resistance to delaying a piece of law, which has attracted strong negative international comment as well. Especially as by delaying the implementation you win plaudits from across the political spectrum. delay would allow Key to effectively contrast his administration with the arrogance of the Clark regime.

It does not make any sense. Why put your governement in this position? Who is advising Key so appallingly?

Joyce, Power, Finlayson are they the guilty parties? Who has been captured by their officials?

Why place a stinking and dead albatross around the administration’s neck so early in the election cycle.

Who is National’s Ancient Mariner?

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