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Sloppy Journalism #13


Adam has a series of posts on Sloppy Journalism. Well it appears that MacDoctor Moments has identified some fine examples. In similar vein to Adam, MacDoctor has commenced a series entitled ‘Spam Journalism’. Wish I had thought of the term ‘Spam Journalism’. Ah well!

The first post in this series begins:-

Welcome to a new series inspired by the non-story of Paula Bennett and her daughter’s gangsta boyfriend.  As I have said, this type of sensationalist headline followed by a non-existent story is the “spam” of newspapers. Journalistic viagra for the unwary. Today’s wonderful example:

Fonterra melamine scare over iron supplement

The rest of the post is well worth reading. Wish I had managed to get around to posting on this. Instead full kudos to MacDoctor for his post.

He finishes with:-

So this is complete spam – used only because it involves the magic spam-words Fonterra and Melamine.

Why do I get the feeling I’m never going to run out of material for this series?

There is very unlikely to be a shortage of material.

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