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MacDoctor on Cullen


Lapsing into the first person, I seem to be spending quite a lot of time channeling MacDoctor at present.

Basically this is because he has a point of view that in many of the areas he has commented on  our views are very similar. Yet there are many areas where our interests diverge and our knowledge is different.

Oh and Keeping Stock and I share a broadly similar world view. In addition we both like cricket, though I am not perhaps so tragically committed as Inventory2.

My view is that normally where someone else has commented, unless I think I can add something different I will not normally comment.

I now await fellow bloggers to assail me with evidence to the contrary, as I am sure I have not lived up to my comment above.

Oh, and why did I lapse into contemplative mode, well this MacDoctor post explains.

I never really got around to discussing Cullen, did I? Well MacDoctor does and I agree, but will have more to say on another occasion.

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