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Sloppy Journalism #14 – First Family bans fat cats from White House


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Adam has really taken to MacDoctor’s phrase ‘spam journalism‘. He knew this when reading an article on The Times web-site today. The article headline was ‘ First Family ban fat cats from White House’.

Wow, Adam thought the new President was really socking it to the leaders of business. The guy has principles and is standing up for them.

You see the item had all the key spam words:- White House, Fat Cats and First Family

Then Adam read the article. Far from the topic of the headline, it was all about how

America’s First Family are seeking to prevent the epidemic of obesity that has spread across the waistband of much of their country from infecting their gym-honed bodies and young daughters in the White House.

It was akin to an item you might read in one of those magazines you come across at the dentist or whilst waiting at the takeaway. No relation at all to principle, or Fat Cat businessmen.

Interestingly though it did reveal how Obama, that man of the people had brought his own chef from Chicago.

The headline bore no relation to the topic in reality, unless of course the Obama daughters are to be equated to felines.

Then there was this:-

The tension was apparent at the weekend when Michelle Obama allowed cameras into the White House kitchens before a state dinner for the National Governors Association.

The menu featured Chesapeake crab agnolottis, wagyu beef, Nantucket scallops and huckleberry cobbler for pudding. Mr Kass was busy making a citrus salad with local watermelon radishes and tiny ice greens.

Not exactly man of the people fare, nor is it inexpensive – especially wagyu beef.

The article recalled how Dubbya preferred simpler food.

Does Adam detect elitist tendencies? Or is it that the Obamas are just posturing?

In any event this article was sloppy journalism in the headline, although the content after reflection perhaps revealed more than the Obamas and their minders might in fact have wished.

Interestingly Sasha Obama and Bush Senior share a taste in common, neither like broccoli.

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